Public Record exists to promote creativity in multiplayer mode. We celebrate and learn from examples of metalabels past and present.


Creativity In Multiplayer Mode

We want to celebrate and showcase collaborative work. We not only want to inspire people to create together, but we also want to show them how through real-world examples, case studies, and how-to’s. We highlight interesting groups who practice creativity in multiplayer mode.

Practical and Emotional Guidance

We want to practically show how multiplayer creativity works in practice, and speak to the anxieties that people may have in working collaboratively. This includes focusing on how collaborative work is done — as well as speaking to its challenges.

Different Perspectives and Voices

Our collective voice allows for a range of individual voices, presentation styles, and ways of presenting information. We want to be experimental, playful, and accessible, rather than formal, technical, or academic.

Mission Evangelism, Not Tech Evangelism

We want to promote thoughtful perspectives on creative and cultural collaboration, not Web3 or a promotion of tech. See more here.

How to contribute

Write a feature

Features are longer written or visual pieces that include a variety of formats including essays, interviews, how-tos, and more.

Public Record: Features Guide

Write a “Spotted”

Spotteds are straightforward, efficient “quick hit” profiles of groups that meet the criteria of a metalabel. The purpose of these profiles is to build a library of examples of creative collectives and collaborative projects that is both inspirational and archival.

Public Record: Spotted Guide

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